Say hello to talque.

The next gen messenger that talks to anyone.

First messenger that talks to anyone

Yes, that's right. Your contacts don't have to install the app or even register, they simply contribute by email links. Instantly send messages, send large files (up to 120 MB), form groups, schedule events (including time poll), or even schedule & conduct videocalls—just like that! It has never been so easy.


Fully Cloud synchronized

Unlike most private messaging tools, your data is not just on your device—it is Cloud synchronized. You can access all chats instantly and at the same time with all your devices: mobile phones, tablets, desktop computers, and browsers. Never loose data anymore just because you lost your phone. It is safe in the most secure European Cloud. If you want full convenience including push notifications, you might install our iOS or Android app, webapp or desktop app. But always remember: you don't have to.


Scheduling redefined

You know the problem: finding a common time with people inside and outside your company infrastructure is difficult. You can start writing Emails, make calls to assistants, throw darts at a calendar, or simply use talque. Everybody can (but does not have to) share his free slots with his agreed contacts, and talque Autofinder will make suggestions that are likely to work. Once you create a poll our system does the rest, even reminding people to vote. When finished, an .ics file is sent to your calendar. Even works for videocalls.


Perfect tool for customer communication and mixed projects

Talque seamlessly integrates all functionality into a one-on-one or group chat. If you are about to start a customer project, just use talque to easily get people onboard. You will have everything you need, both on mobile, tablet, and desktop.


Take a look at talque in action

Here are some actual screenshots from our beta system.

Register today for our free beta

Our closed beta test is already on its way. If you want to become part of the revolution, just register or write us a message at We will contact you.